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In this range of courses I have tried my best to cater for total beginners all the way to intermediate and more advanced level students. The structured learning courses are for those who like to learn step-by-step whilst the other tabs are for people that like to jump straight in and learn to draw an entire piece.

  • Urban Sketching Masterclass with Mayad Allos


If you're just starting out on your drawing journey, try one of my Urban Sketch courses...

I'm a complete beginner, which course is right for me?

Level 1 of my structured learning course is a skills building exercise and includes all of the key elements to learn Urban Sketching from drawing straight lines to 2 point perspective.

Level 2 is an introduction to watercolour. In this course you'll learn the importance of choosing the right materials and colours and the techniques to create depth and shadows.

I've done the beginners course, where do I go from here?

Why not try one of my intermediate courses, ranging from Foliage to classical Architectural Elements? In these courses we focus on creating beautiful compositions worthy to hang on any wall!

How long do I have access to the courses?

Once you have downloaded a course, you have unlimited access to the course. As I say quite a lot, practice makes perfect!

What materials will I need for the course?

I provide a comprehensive list of materials that I use in each course, this is included in your download.

What Students Say...

"I've absolutely loved following Mayad’s Level 1 online tutorials! What a difference having Mayad as a teacher, demonstrating the Urban Sketching techniques and how to achieve accurate drawings. He is a great teacher, patient and fun!" Annabel, London

"Learning from Mayad's Live Workshops and Online Tutorials in the last few years, was such a big success, his style is so unique and gorgeous." Rana, USA

"Mayad's explanations of lampposts and railings are very clear and precise....especially for a beginner!" Elizabeth, USA

"Mayad, I just want to thank you! Since I began your online courses, I've learned so much about drawing trees and shrubs, which I need to paint constantly as a house portrait artist, among other things." Sally, USA