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A Little About Me


Q&A with Mayad Allos


How did you get into drawing?


I have a day job as a property developer in London and Surrey, UK, where I work on high-end residential homes. I wanted a way to effectively communicate my design ideas to my clients, so I decided to try freehand sketching. Little did I know how challenging it would be, but it has been an incredible journey. Despite the frustrations of learning, I have absolutely loved every minute of it.


What does making art mean to you? 


Art has become an essential part of my life and now occupies most of my free time. It brings me joy, excitement, and the motivation to improve. It has become an amazing hobby that keeps me engaged and never bored. The dream is that one day I can turn it into my full-time job. 


How did you create your own drawing style? Are there any artists you admire? 


My drawing style is heavily influenced by my partner. We are very close, and seeing her smile at my drawings brings me immense pleasure. She enjoys unconventional abstract paintings as well as black and white drawings with a touch of colour (surprise surprise!). I am lucky to share this hobby with someone so special. As for artists I admire, I particularly like Canaletto's paintings of Venice.  the way he captures the city's architecture and the play of light on the water is incredible.


Do you have a favourite architectural period or architect?


While I appreciate all types of strong architecture, traditional European architecture really captivates me. I can spend endless hours drawing the intricate details and mouldings that are characteristic of that style.


What is your favourite place to draw in London?


My favourite place to draw in London is Chelsea, where I live. It's like a Pandora's box of inspiration, with an endless supply of material to draw.  I also once joined an art class that was held at The Victoria and Albert Museum, that was really special too.

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