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Beginners Introduction to Sketching - 9 Unit Course

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Beginner's Intro to Urban Sketching - Structured Learning - Level 1

The aim of Level 1 is to break down different components of Urban Sketching into small bite-sized chunks so that you feel comfortable tackling a whole house or a street scene. We'll step through line drawing, one point perspective, 2 point perspective all in pen and ink. Gaining practical skills and growing in confidence. 


Level 1 - Urban Sketching - Drawing Straight lines


  1. 1 Drawing Straight Lines

I have seen with many beginners that their lines could be sharper and cleaner. So, let’s start with the very basics. In this demo, I will share with you my top tips and tricks that I used when I started my sketching journey, that will hopefully help you achieve straight lines in your urban sketching. I have chosen a basic Sash Window which we’ll use to put the teaching into practice. Remember, practice is key! 

Level 1 Urban sketching - Proportions
  1. 2 Proportions

It is critical that our drawings respect the proportions of the object we are drawing. In this module we will be tackling proportions, using a very simple system that I regularly use in my urban sketching. I’ve selected a ‘cute’ little house in my hometown of Chelsea that should provide a great challenge for this topic. 

Level 1 - urban sketching - Single Point Perspective
  1. 3 Single Point Perspective

Single point perspective is a topic that a lot of people find scary, however, it doesn’t need to be! Join me, as I break down this topic, simplify it and extract the key elements that you will need in order to confidently tackle a drawing in single point perspective. 


Level 1 - Urban sketching - Two point perspective
  1. 4 Two Point Perspective

Next, we are looking at two point perspective, following similar principles we used in our last module, single point perspective. In this demo I will carefully guide you through a simple street scene to challenge your ability, and improve your technique. 

Level 1 - Urban sketching - Drawing Sash windows in perspective

  1. 5 Drawing Sash Windows in Perspective

In this module, we’ll be diving into a little more detail, focusing primarily on sash windows. This video will allow you to practice the skills which you’ve learnt in the previous modules. I have chosen sash windows as they have a number of interesting, connected elements which makes them excellent practice. 

Level 1 - Urban Sketching - Doors & Lampposts

  1. 6 Doors and Lampposts

A street scene wouldn’t be complete without doors and lampposts. In this demo I will guide you through a picturesque front elevation which will really put your proportions to the test. 

Level 1 - Urban sketching - Basic Foliage

  1. 7 Basic Foliage

In this cute little window scene we will focus on learning the basics of foliage. I will share with you some of my favourite tips which will add life to your urban sketching

Level 1 - Urban Sketching - Single Point Perspective House

  1. 8 Single Point Perspective House

I am absolutely fascinated by London architecture, so what better way to put everything that we have learnt together by drawing this wonderful little Georgian house. 

Level 1 - Urban sketching - House in Two Point Perspective
  1. 9 Two Point Perspective House

Following on nicely from the previous module we will now be drawing a house in two-point perspective for an added challenge, but don’t worry, I will carefully guide you through all the steps. At the end of this unit, you will have the chance to self evaluate to see if you feel confident enough to move onto the next level. Hopefully by the end you should have a drawing that you can be proud of! 



Anabel recently completed level 1, here's what she had to say...

"I've absolutely loved following Mayad’s Level 1 online tutorials! What a difference having Mayad as a teacher, demonstrating the Urban Sketching techniques and how to achieve accurate drawings. He is a great teacher, patient and fun!" Annabel, London

 Here's some of Annabel's beautiful work

Elizabeth recently completed level 1, here's what she had to say...

"Completed the Level 1 series. They were very informative and packed full of information! I like your step by step approach....great for beginners! I learned a lot and realize that I need to keep practicing." Elizabeth 

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